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  • Upholding the legacy: New company president maintains Amerex tradition of service05/04/2018

    Publisher: Trussville Tribune

    Upholding the legacy: New company president maintains Amerex tradition of service

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  • McWane India launches new products at IWWA Convention03/05/2018

    Publisher: Mickie Coggin

    The McWane India (MI) team was pleased to participate in the 50th Annual IWWA (Indian Water Works Association) convention held on February 19-21, 2018 in Goa, India.  MI’s booth was well designed and in addition to exhibiting the standard valves, they launched two new products lines - control valves and valves for waste water. They also formally introduced two IOT products for the Indian Water Works sector which included Aquamesh (remote water metering) and PipeSense (remote pressure monitoring for transmission and distribution lines).

    All of the product lines generated a great deal of interest from the water boards and contractors.

    (MI team pictured L-R: Ramkumar, Mayur, Siva, Ananth, Shanmugham, Gopi Ramaanathan, Ganesh, Ravichandran, Swaminathan and Nandakumar )

  • 2018 Supplier Profile03/01/2018

    Publisher: The Wholesaler

    Tyler Pipe & Coupling— Leading by Example while Leaving a Legacy

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  • Another McWane VPP Site!02/27/2018

    Publisher: Mickie Coggin

    We are pleased to announce that after almost a year of waiting, McWane Ductile located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey (MDNJ) received their official notification that they have been approved for VPP Merit status.  Their extensive and comprehensive on-site evaluation by a team of five OSHA personnel and one external Special Government Employee was held June 5-9, 2017.

    They have been asked to perform additional industrial hygiene monitoring for non-routine and off-shift tasks (the only issue identified by the entire OSHA team).  Once that is complete, they will be able to apply for the Star designation.

    McWane Vice-President of Health & Safety Barb Wisniewski said, "It is very fitting that this announcement tops off an outstanding year for MDNJ's health and safety success, i.e., winner of the 2017 McWane Top Quartile Club Award and the 2017 McWane EHS Excellence (Screaming Eagle) Award." You should be extremely proud-very well deserved!

    MDNJ joins six other McWane facilities that had been recognized as VPP sites.  In fact, all three McWane Ductile locations are now VPP sites (McWane Ductile Ohio-VPP Star, McWane Ductile-Utah-VPP Star and MDNJ-VPP Merit).

    Congratulations to everyone at MDNJ.

  • Case Study: U.S. Bank Stadium02/01/2018


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  • Tyler Pipe & Coupling - Leading by Example while Leaving a Legacy12/01/2017

    Publisher: PHC News

    Tyler Pipe is located in the heartland of our nation in Tyler, Texas. The company produces a wide variety of high-quality products, including cast soil pipe and fittings and no-hub couplings for drain, waste, and vent (DWV) plumbing systems used in commercial construction. The manufacturing atmosphere is changing and there are many progressive, forward-thinking companies that feel strongly about embracing thoughtful, sustainable manufacturing practices.

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  • Early Career Ambassadors Offer Their Insights09/17/2017

    Publisher: East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

    Early Career Ambassadors Offer Their Insights — The East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

    About this time last year, EBAMP collaborated with the California Community Colleges, the Manufacturing Institute, and the NAM to launch the Bay Area chapter of the Dream it. Do it. network.

    Once the steering committee chose to move forward with the Ambassador program as its initial foray, we piqued the interests of manufacturers across the region to participate in the program in order to connect with students in nearby schools. With support from AMTAC and the region’s Workforce Boards, we kicked off the effort in February (blog post).

    Since then, seventeen Ambassadors from five companies have interacted with over 650 students, 3 dozen educators, and others through classroom discussions and career fairs in Martinez, Pittsburg, Clayton, Oakland, San Lorenzo, and Hayward. Two Ambassadors even came to speak to fellow manufacturers and other attendees at an EBAMP meeting early in the spring.

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  • Multi-million dollar expansion underway at McWane07/01/2017

    Publisher: Coshocton Tribune

    McWane Ductile showed its commitment to the future of the Coshocton plant with a $17.5 million investment to expand its pipe finishing line.

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  • Utilizing the Total Cost Equation When Selecting Pipeline Material03/01/2017

    Publisher: Journal of the New England Water Works Association

    by: Roy W. Mundy, II, P.E., ENV SP
    McWane Ductile

    When Request for Proposals go out to construct a pipeline project, usually there are several if not many line items that eventually determine the project cost. However, when bid documents are received by the owner or engineer, many times the per foot bid for the pipeline material is all that is considered. The scope of this paper will focus upon “The Total Cost Equation” which looks at other factors which should be taken into account before the bid analysis is finalized.  When utilizing the “Total Cost Equation” to analyze bid proposals for differing pipeline materials, it has been found from actual field data the cost differential between those materials can be much different than the initial per foot bid of the material when taking into account respective factors that are directly related to installation. Using the “Total Cost Equation”, one can determine final project costs related to differing materials. This approach has shown the initial per foot cost of the respective materials is often deceiving, but unfortunately used by many owners and engineers to select pipeline material. In order to best serve a utility owner in the selection of pipeline material for a specific project, several if not many factors relating to the successful installation of that pipeline should be taken into account. Beyond the initial per foot cost of the pipeline material, some other immediate costs exist such as bedding, tapping saddles, line locator wire, corrosion protection and materials to prevent leakage. Additionally, longer term present worth costs such as energy and life cycle should be considered. Prior to a final decision on the selection of pipeline material for a particular project, the “Total Cost Equation” should be applied and the components of the equation incorporated into the final material selection process.

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  • How Ductile Iron Pipe Excels in the New Envision Rating System03/01/2017

    Publisher: Journal of the New England Water Works Association

    by: John F. Johnson, ENV SP
    McWane Ductile

    As many of us know, America’s infrastructure is in crisis! According to the Association of Civil Engineers the estimated invest needed by 2020 is $3.6 Trillion Dollars¹. These investments, as well as the ever increasing cost of electricity, limited water supply, ever-decreasing natural resources and environmental concerns have driven the need for change on how infrastructure is designed and constructed – utilizing more sustainable design and construction practices. ENVISION is designed to address North American infrastructure, including the United States and Canada. In short, it is a rating system approach very similar to LEED Building Certification, however with the focus on infrastructure. This article looks to discuss one of the leading models available to guide this process - ENVISION. We will cover how ENVISION was created, how the system works, and how ductile iron pipe excels as a pipe material within the ENVISION rating system.

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