• McWane Among 20 Best Companies to Work For In Birmingham, AL11/14/2018

    Publisher: Zippa: The Career Experts

    McWane is honored to be among Birmingham's Top 10 Companies to Work for in Bimringham, Alabama. 

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  • Upholding the legacy: New company president maintains Amerex tradition of service05/04/2018

    Publisher: Trussville Tribune

    Upholding the legacy: New company president maintains Amerex tradition of service

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  • Case Study: The Quincy04/13/2018

    AB&I and anaco–husky chosen for $110m project in heart of downtown Denver.

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  • Case Study: The Quincy04/13/2018


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  • McWane India launches new products at IWWA Convention03/05/2018

    Publisher: Mickie Coggin

    The McWane India (MI) team was pleased to participate in the 50th Annual IWWA (Indian Water Works Association) convention held on February 19-21, 2018 in Goa, India.  MI’s booth was well designed and in addition to exhibiting the standard valves, they launched two new products lines - control valves and valves for waste water. They also formally introduced two IOT products for the Indian Water Works sector which included Aquamesh (remote water metering) and PipeSense (remote pressure monitoring for transmission and distribution lines).

    All of the product lines generated a great deal of interest from the water boards and contractors.

    (MI team pictured L-R: Ramkumar, Mayur, Siva, Ananth, Shanmugham, Gopi Ramaanathan, Ganesh, Ravichandran, Swaminathan and Nandakumar )

  • 2018 Supplier Profile03/01/2018

    Publisher: The Wholesaler

    Tyler Pipe & Coupling— Leading by Example while Leaving a Legacy

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  • Another McWane VPP Site!02/27/2018

    Publisher: Mickie Coggin

    We are pleased to announce that after almost a year of waiting, McWane Ductile located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey (MDNJ) received their official notification that they have been approved for VPP Merit status.  Their extensive and comprehensive on-site evaluation by a team of five OSHA personnel and one external Special Government Employee was held June 5-9, 2017.

    They have been asked to perform additional industrial hygiene monitoring for non-routine and off-shift tasks (the only issue identified by the entire OSHA team).  Once that is complete, they will be able to apply for the Star designation.

    McWane Vice-President of Health & Safety Barb Wisniewski said, "It is very fitting that this announcement tops off an outstanding year for MDNJ's health and safety success, i.e., winner of the 2017 McWane Top Quartile Club Award and the 2017 McWane EHS Excellence (Screaming Eagle) Award." You should be extremely proud-very well deserved!

    MDNJ joins six other McWane facilities that had been recognized as VPP sites.  In fact, all three McWane Ductile locations are now VPP sites (McWane Ductile Ohio-VPP Star, McWane Ductile-Utah-VPP Star and MDNJ-VPP Merit).

    Congratulations to everyone at MDNJ.

  • Case Study: U.S. Bank Stadium02/01/2018


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  • Tyler Pipe & Coupling - Leading by Example while Leaving a Legacy12/01/2017

    Publisher: PHC News

    Tyler Pipe is located in the heartland of our nation in Tyler, Texas. The company produces a wide variety of high-quality products, including cast soil pipe and fittings and no-hub couplings for drain, waste, and vent (DWV) plumbing systems used in commercial construction. The manufacturing atmosphere is changing and there are many progressive, forward-thinking companies that feel strongly about embracing thoughtful, sustainable manufacturing practices.

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  • Early Career Ambassadors Offer Their Insights09/17/2017

    Publisher: East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

    Early Career Ambassadors Offer Their Insights — The East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

    About this time last year, EBAMP collaborated with the California Community Colleges, the Manufacturing Institute, and the NAM to launch the Bay Area chapter of the Dream it. Do it. network.

    Once the steering committee chose to move forward with the Ambassador program as its initial foray, we piqued the interests of manufacturers across the region to participate in the program in order to connect with students in nearby schools. With support from AMTAC and the region’s Workforce Boards, we kicked off the effort in February (blog post).

    Since then, seventeen Ambassadors from five companies have interacted with over 650 students, 3 dozen educators, and others through classroom discussions and career fairs in Martinez, Pittsburg, Clayton, Oakland, San Lorenzo, and Hayward. Two Ambassadors even came to speak to fellow manufacturers and other attendees at an EBAMP meeting early in the spring.

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  • Multi-million dollar expansion underway at McWane07/01/2017

    Publisher: Coshocton Tribune

    McWane Ductile showed its commitment to the future of the Coshocton plant with a $17.5 million investment to expand its pipe finishing line.

    To read the full article, click on link or open pdf file. 

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  • Utilizing the Total Cost Equation When Selecting Pipeline Material03/01/2017

    Publisher: Journal of the New England Water Works Association

    by: Roy W. Mundy, II, P.E., ENV SP
    McWane Ductile

    When Request for Proposals go out to construct a pipeline project, usually there are several if not many line items that eventually determine the project cost. However, when bid documents are received by the owner or engineer, many times the per foot bid for the pipeline material is all that is considered. The scope of this paper will focus upon “The Total Cost Equation” which looks at other factors which should be taken into account before the bid analysis is finalized.  When utilizing the “Total Cost Equation” to analyze bid proposals for differing pipeline materials, it has been found from actual field data the cost differential between those materials can be much different than the initial per foot bid of the material when taking into account respective factors that are directly related to installation. Using the “Total Cost Equation”, one can determine final project costs related to differing materials. This approach has shown the initial per foot cost of the respective materials is often deceiving, but unfortunately used by many owners and engineers to select pipeline material. In order to best serve a utility owner in the selection of pipeline material for a specific project, several if not many factors relating to the successful installation of that pipeline should be taken into account. Beyond the initial per foot cost of the pipeline material, some other immediate costs exist such as bedding, tapping saddles, line locator wire, corrosion protection and materials to prevent leakage. Additionally, longer term present worth costs such as energy and life cycle should be considered. Prior to a final decision on the selection of pipeline material for a particular project, the “Total Cost Equation” should be applied and the components of the equation incorporated into the final material selection process.

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  • How Ductile Iron Pipe Excels in the New Envision Rating System03/01/2017

    Publisher: Journal of the New England Water Works Association

    by: John F. Johnson, ENV SP
    McWane Ductile

    As many of us know, America’s infrastructure is in crisis! According to the Association of Civil Engineers the estimated invest needed by 2020 is $3.6 Trillion Dollars¹. These investments, as well as the ever increasing cost of electricity, limited water supply, ever-decreasing natural resources and environmental concerns have driven the need for change on how infrastructure is designed and constructed – utilizing more sustainable design and construction practices. ENVISION is designed to address North American infrastructure, including the United States and Canada. In short, it is a rating system approach very similar to LEED Building Certification, however with the focus on infrastructure. This article looks to discuss one of the leading models available to guide this process - ENVISION. We will cover how ENVISION was created, how the system works, and how ductile iron pipe excels as a pipe material within the ENVISION rating system.

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  • Forging U.S. Jobs and Quality Products01/31/2017

    Publisher: Plumbing & Mechanical

    AB&I Foundry emphasizes safety, environment, teamwork to keep pace with industry.

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  • PM Profile: AB&I Foundry's Michael Lowe and McWane Plumbing Group's Kurt Winter01/16/2017

    Publisher: Plumbing & Mechanical

    PM Profile: AB&I Foundry's Michael Lowe and McWane Plumbing Group's Kurt Winter


  • McWane President Ruffner Page named Chairman of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham01/13/2017

    Publisher: Birmingham Business Journal

    Ruffner Page has been named chairman of the board of directors of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

    The state’s oldest and largest community foundation also added two new board members with terms starting this year – Judge William “Bill” Hereford and Susan Matlock.

    Page has worked his way up with McWane Inc. since 1993 and has been president since 1999. Prior to McWane, he was in management at National Bank of Commerce, the Remington Fund and Bankers Trust Company in New York and Atlanta.Sponsored by

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  • How the famous trees of Altadena’s Christmas Tree Lane were saved in time for Christmas12/15/2016

    Publisher: Pasadena Star-News

    Christmas arrived early on Santa Rosa Avenue this year.

    When a story in our newspapers ran in August about an all-out effort to save dozens of the 150 deodar cedar trees that make up Christmas Tree Lane, the gifts started dropping like manna from heaven.

    Green King Co., McWane International and Toro donated about $3,700 worth of irrigation spikes, micro hoses, pipes and water meters that kept the trees alive, as well as the oldest, outdoor Christmas display in the world.

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  • AB&I: A Stronghold in the Cast Iron Industry03/01/2016

    Publisher: The Plumbing Advocate

    AB&I Foundry is 109 years old, an age not typically seen in the cast iron industry.

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  • 3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A DAS Solution11/14/2016

    Publisher: Hospitality Technology

    Hospitality services depend on constant communications for cost-effective and timely operations, and those communications are increasingly conducted through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, many hotels are required to have wireless systems to support first responders during public safety emergencies. But back-of-the-house areas often receive poor wireless services from outside sources because modern cellular frequencies don’t easily penetrate building walls. In this article, Zinwave Inc. discusses how hotels could deploy in-building wireless systems to support employees and first responders.


  • Deploying mobile comms services on the London Underground10/27/2016

    Publisher: Wireless

    Implementing mobile communication services on the London Underground is a tricky business thanks to a hostile RF environment and limited space to install equipment in tunnels. John Spindler, VP marketing and product management at Zinwave, makes the case for a distributed antenna system solution


  • VoWiFi – Obstacles and Opportunities10/10/2016

    Publisher: RCR Wireless

    Voice over Wi-Fi has captured a lot of attention lately. A&T Mobility recently announced that it is handling 4 million VoWi-Fi calls per day, upon which T-Mobile US countered that it boasts some 22 million calls per day using the technology. Now, many enterprises and mobile operators consider VoWi-Fi an easy and cost-effective way to provide indoor mobile coverage in buildings that block macro cellular signals. But VoWi-Fi isn’t suitable for every application, nor do mobile operators want it to be. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of VoWi-Fi vs. cellular voice, the best use cases for VoWi-Fi and how VoWi-Fi fits in an overall mobile service offering.


  • Ofcom report: Highlighting the spectrum issue09/13/2016

    Publisher: IT Pro Protal

    By John Spindler, Zinwave

    In recent weeks, Ofcom revealed that the demand for spectrum is expected to increase by as much as 31 times by 2020 in Western Europe.

    Since most spectrum is already occupied – as a result of the growing smartphone up-take and the use of data-heavy applications, and because services such as TV and radio broadcasting, wireless internet, air traffic control and emergency services make use of spectrum – there are growing concerns that there will be limited spectrum available to grow and develop next-generation services, such as 5G, connected cars, smart metres and satellites, and to ensure public safety.

    Spectrum has become a necessity in our daily lives; it is used to keep us connected to our friends and family on our smartphones, and it plays a critical role in public safety communications, as it’s used by our emergency service departments.

    However, spectrum has become extremely scarce and, for operators, this is worrying, not least because it has become either impossible or too costly for them to acquire additional spectrum. The EU recently announced plans for TV broadcasters to relinquish their 700MHz spectrum, which is certainly a good start. However, in such a competitive market, operators need to look at new ways of making use of existing spectrum - not only to plan ahead for services such as 5G, but to keep one step ahead of their rivals.

    If the UK is going to explore and develop next-generation services, as well as ensure public safety, spectrum must be managed more efficiently. By using small cell architecture, such as wideband distributed antenna systems (DAS), operators can make the most of their spectrum by densifying their networks and creating efficient macro network underlays to address under-served areas. 

    To put it simply, operators can direct capacity to wherever it’s needed the most. With growing trends such as machine-to-machine communications and the Internet of Things rising, the demand for spectrum will increase exponentially over the next four years.

    Operators must embrace technologies that allow them to provide the coverage and capacity required for next-generation services – and, most importantly, for our emergency services.

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  • Use distributed antenna systems to complement small cells09/12/2016

    Publisher: Network World

    Use distributed antenna systems to complement small cells | Network World Using small cells and DAS together improves cell coverage within a building and overcomes the limitations of using either alone.

    Read the article by following the link.

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  • Casinos Staying Mobile Friendly09/07/2016

    Publisher: Casino Journal

    Hotels and casinos pride themselves on providing a great guest experience, and they work hard to deliver amenities such as swimming pools, meeting rooms, restaurants and spas. But mobile phone connectivity is often the one amenity that can determine whether guests will stay at, and return to, a given venue.

    Guests now think of mobile connectivity as a third utility, alongside water and electricity, and they want to be able to use their mobile phones everywhere. However, newer mobile radio frequencies, which often are those supporting the latest 4G LTE services, don’t always reach the interiors of buildings. In-building wireless systems provide the strong and ubiquitous indoor mobile phone connectivity that keeps guests happy.

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  • Challenge: Beating office coverage and capacity08/09/2016

    Publisher: Smart Chimps

    With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, wireless services such as 4G LTE have become a must-have in the office.  Trends such as bring your own device (BYOD) are putting pressure on enterprises to provide employees with ubiquitous wireless services anytime, anywhere within the office building.

    Wireless services can often boost employee productivity, reduce costs, decrease insurance premiums, based on the fact that in-building wireless communication systems make buildings safer due to improved public safety communications, and make building management more economical as a result of automation.

    While these benefits are achievable, there are a number of challenges that enterprises must overcome first in order to provide a strong wireless service for its employees, particularly when it comes to the construction of the building.

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  • Keeping students connected07/17/2016

    Publisher: University Business

    Smartphone and tablet technology has changed the landscape of today’s learning environment.  Indeed, students expect to have the world at their fingertips and want instant access to wireless services at all times, wherever they are on campus. Universities are under increased pressure to attract the brightest students through the provision of a first class education. Cross-campus wireless coverage ensures immediate access to ultramodern facilities using the latest technologies, cementing a university’s technology credentials and academic reputation. Universities failing to offer this will not only disadvantage the university itself, but the students and staff.  As such, universities must make sure that they can provide their students and staff with a consistent mobile experience, but this can often be a challenge.

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  • Generation: NEXT! One on one with Ethan Shull of AB&I04/01/2016

    Publisher: The Wholesaler

    Ethan Shull is a regional sales manager for AB&I and part of the next generation in the industry. He spoke to me about his experiences in the industry and gave advice for future members. Here’s his story.

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  • American-Made Products Boosting Alabama Jobs02/23/2016

    Publisher: Alliance for American Manufacturing


    As political candidates talk economic policy ahead of the March 1 Super Tuesday primaries, Alabamians are focused on “Made in the USA” policy solutions as keys to job creation and economic growth.

    A collection of new interviews with factory workers, business executives and community leaders in Anniston and Birmingham, Alabama, showcases how policy solutions such as Buy America and fair trade with China create good-paying, middle class manufacturing jobs and benefit the entire community.

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  • When Sensors Mesh: How Sensor Networks Improve Performance02/18/2016

    Publisher: Sensor Technology Magazine

    Innovations in communications and computing hardware and software have made it easier than ever to collect minute details regarding just about any topic of interest. For technology and manufacturing interests, small, low-powered sensors can be embedded in almost any machine for data collection. Thanks to wireless technology, these embedded devices can continuously and unobtrusively provide measurements of performance and environmental data. Analysis of this data offers vast opportunities for fune-tuning performance and process.

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  • The Continued case for U.S. Manufacturing02/01/2016

    Publisher: PHC News

    In the manufacturing world, "quality is over quantity," isn't a unicorn phrase. It's still very much a real thing.

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  • FWLT Partner Spotlight: McWane, Inc.12/28/2015

    Publisher: Fresh Water Land Trust

    As one of the Freshwater Land Trust’s largest contributors, McWane, Inc. has helped preserve many of our community’s favorite places that matter.

    McWane is committed to protecting the environment and to providing safe, clean drinking water. McWane is the industry leader in environmental performance with its state of the art, comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety program, and shares the Freshwater Land Trust’s dedication to conservation and preserving green spaces. Thanks to McWane’s ongoing support, the Land Trust has been successful in bringing together diverse community stakeholders to conserve nature with a cooperative, collaborative and businesslike approach.

    Over the past several years, McWane has been a champion for the Village Creek watershed, contributing to the land trust’s ongoing efforts to improve not only its water quality, but also the lives of the people, communities and businesses that lie along its banks. In addition, Jim Proctor, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of McWane, and CEO Ruffner Page, Jr., serve on the FWLT Board of Directors and President’s Advisory Council. We thank them for their visionary leadership in helping us fulfill our mission of preserving the places that matter.

    “McWane, Inc. is proud to partner with the Freshwater Land Trust to support its mission of preserving and protecting water quality and open spaces. Our state is blessed with abundant natural resources, and it’s up to all of us to ensure that they’ll be here for future generations to enjoy.” Ruffner Page, Jr., CEO of McWane, Inc.

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  • Resilience and adapting to change fuel Tyler Pipe & Coupling07/01/2015

    Publisher: Supply House Times

    Tyler Pipe & Coupling was started in the midst of the Great Depression in the mid-1930s and has grown into the largest supplier of cast-iron soil pipe, fittings and couplings in the United States. Built on a platform of resilience and an openness to change, the Tyler, Texas-based company today features an iron foundry in Texas, a coupling and gasket manufacturing facility in Missouri and distribution centers in Northern and Southern California and Pennsylvania. Supply House Times recently spoke to Tyler executives Sterling Bowman and Greg Simmons on a variety of subjects, including quality control, customer service and environmental stewardship.

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  • Burning Question: Is your kitchen as safe as it should be?04/02/2015

    First of all, if you don’t already have a fire extinguisher in your home, you need to rectify that today. If you do have one, is it the right one? Find out here.

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  • 2015 Supplier Profile - Tyler Pipe & Coupling founded in the heartland of our nation03/01/2015

    Publisher: The Wholesaler

    It took guts and perseverance to start a major manufacturing company in the middle of the Great Depression, but that's just what Tyler did nearly a century ago.

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  • Carrying on a Legacy12/01/2014

    Publisher: The Wholesaler

    The legacy of today’s AB&I Foundry is wrapped in a quilt that includes the entrepreneurship of a young Joseph Boscacci pursuing his dreams, a devastating earthquake, World War II and unstable economic conditions. All that, and much more, are at the heart of AB&I Foundry.

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  • AB&I Foundry - A Century of Leadership07/01/2014

    Publisher: Reeves Journal

    Being a leader means more than simply taking charge. True leadership requires a clear vision of where one wants to go and the ability to marshal the resources available in pursuit of that vision.

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  • Case Study: Levi's Stadium11/01/2013


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