Oakland, CA February 1, 2019 – AB&I Foundry, an Oakland-based company that manufactures cast iron pipe and fittings for the plumbing industry, strives to improve blight in East Oakland Community.

AB&I has been in Oakland since 1906 and has seen the city evolve over this past century. Regrettably, with this evolution, the city has also experienced tremendous blight with illegal dumping on our neighborhood streets. The company has developed deep ties with local leaders, organizations and residents to confront this issue in our surrounding neighborhoods. Teams of volunteers have combed through the local neighborhood to remove debris from the streets.

“I am so proud to be part of this community and forging the partnerships needed to take action and improve our surroundings here in East Oakland,” said Zeydi Gutierrez, Director of Community Relations at AB&I Foundry. “We’ve been part of the fabric of this community for over a century and have witnessed the increase in illegal dumping, so we’ve decided make a difference.”

AB&I holds multiple clean-up events throughout the year. If you want to come out and support the efforts, please reach out and we will add you to the volunteer list for our next clean-up day.

Contact: Zeydi Gutierrez
Director of Community Relations
Email: Zeydi.gutierrez@abifoundry.com
(510) 633-5225