McWane President Ruffner Page and the President’s Science Advisor Tout New Technologies For Delivering Safe, Potable Water To Those In Need

Washington, DC – McWane, Inc. a leading global company in water infrastructure development, is proud to honor World Water Day by joining the U.S. Water Partnership (USWP), a public-private partnership committed to addressing water challenges around the world. McWane President Ruffner Page, Jr., took part in a symposium this month on water issues at the U.S. State Department that drew senior government and private sector officials, including  the President’s Science Advisor Dr. John Holdren and U.S. exemplar water technology developers. The group addressed new
technologies U.S. companies are developing to overcome the challenges of clean,
potable water access around the world, among other topics.

World Water Day is the annual, global commemoration of responsible water resources management and water stewardship.  In addition to the event at the State Department, dubbed “USTech H2.O”, Page and others participated in a “Water and Security” meeting at the U.S. Institute of Peace as well.

On display at the tech event were twenty-eight featured products selected by an independent panel of experts. The products address global water challenges in developed and developing country contexts, from water data management and desalination to economical pumping systems.  The tech event attracted hundreds of attendees from the U.S. water sector and the diplomatic community.

The President’s Science Advisor and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. John Holdren, praised the innovation and commitment of those participating.

“The companies here...are bringing forward groundbreaking techniques for getting the most out of the water we’ve got and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about endorsing that idea,” said Dr. Holdren.

Developing new technologies is important, but ensuring they work for those who need it most is just as vital, noted Page.  “We are pleased to link water infrastructure and the need for long lasting reliable products with one small example…of how new technologies can take many, many steps to improve the efficiency of water systems.”

Charles Fishman, author of “The Big Thirst”, emceed ”USTech H2.O. Other speakers included Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs; Catherine Novelli, Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment; John Spears, Director of Innovation and Clusters from the U.S. Small Business Administration; Ambassador Harriet Babbitt, Chair of the U.S. Water Partnership Steering Committee and Chris Holmes, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Global Water Coordinator.

Ambassador Babbitt summarized the day’s events “One of the things I think that is the most satisfying about working on many of these water issues (is that) they are fixable,” said Ambassador Babbitt. “The U.S. Water Partnership is committed to fostering a collaborative and holistic approach to make a real difference in the lives of people around the globe.”

The U.S. Water Partnership was launched on World Water Day 2012, and seeks to mobilize U.S.-based knowledge, expertise and resources to improve water security around the world – particularly in those countries most in need. The Partnership currently consists of 87 members who focus on four main objectives: improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) access; advancing integrated water resources management; increasing efficiency and productivity of water and improving governance. For more information, please visit

About McWane Inc.

McWane, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with companies across the United States and the world.  At the McWane Family of Companies, we cast ductile iron products--including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products--manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, steel pressure vessels, and build network switches and monitoring equipment.  We are the leader in delivering clean, safe drinking water around the world while focusing on the safe, environmentally-friendly manufacturing of our products.  With more than 6,000 team members McWane has a longstanding commitment of support to the communities where we live and work.