Birmingham, Alabama, December 12, 2011 — McWane recently agreed with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to the entry of a Consent Order to resolve several allegations of storm water issues associated with the construction of Greenwood Park. In the Consent Order, ADEM alleges that the storm water permit for the project was not renewed in a timely manner, and that the contractor did not follow certain “best management practices.”

”It is important to note that there was no impact to Village Creek and in fact the Consent Order does not however allege any harm,” said Jeet Radia, McWane’s Senior Vice President for Environment, Safety and HR. “Our goal is 100% compliance and we regret these mistakes occurred. All issues have since been corrected and there should be no further problems.”

The construction of Greenwood Park is on schedule and nearing completion. The Park will provide many needed amenities to the North Birmingham area, including a playground, basketball courts, multi-use athletic field, walking trail and pavilion. Greenwood Park will also have a “constructed wetland” feature designed to filter and remove pollutants from storm water runoff that drains to the site from the commercial and industrial district to the north of the site. The park is being built on a 34-acre tract of land that has been vacant since the early 1990s due to frequent flooding and noise caused by its location in the Village Creek floodway and beneath the approach to the Birmingham Airport.

“We are pleased that this matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of ADEM, and we are all looking forward to the grand opening of Greenwood Park in the spring,” said Radia.

The Greenwood Park project was undertaken by McWane in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action, United States et al. v. McWane, Inc., taken on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to enforce federal environmental laws.

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