Date, 2015 – Coppell, TX –   Nighthawk, The leader in Cellular AMI devices announces the release of its cellular AMI Cap Bank controller that plugs into any standard 4-stab cap bank controller socket.

Nighthawk’s cellular AMI Cap Bank controller offers full two way reporting and control capabilities as well as the ability to work as a self contained fully automated device.

If desired it can come pre-programmed with present sag and swell limits for fully autonomous operation. These settings can be changed by the utility at any time though our Utility Web Connect software. Our control software allows for the creation of rules and alerts to govern the devices behavior as well as near real time reporting of line conditions across your grid. You can map your grid and see the under or  over voltage conditions as they develop.

In addition to the automated and online controls, utility personnel can open the locked unit to engage the onsite manual controls which have the safety feature of locking out outside commands.

The externally attached for Neutral to Ground Fault current sensing feature provides protection and alerts when one of the 3 relays on top of the pole has failed to close properly in a timely manner. This protects your equipment and helps you schedule repairs.

Nighthawk’s Cap Bank Controller can stand alone or integrate within existing AMI or SCADA environments. It offers both manual and remote controls via cellular using our Award winning Cloud based control interface.

The CCU960 provides two-way communication providing confirmation to commands and provides direct alerts to utility personnel when alarming conditions occur.

The product offers the most affordable way to update an existing manual or pager based system to all of the benefits that come from a smart networked two-way device.

The CCU960 is highly versatile and is offers utilities one of the quickest returns on investment of any infrastructure upgrade.

About Nighthawk: For over two decades, Nighthawk has been designing and manufacturing easy to use “Plug and Play” wireless telemetry to remotely control virtually any electrical device, from any remote location.  Nighthawk is a leading provider of intelligent devices and systems that allow for the centralized, on-demand management of assets and processes.  Nighthawk products are used throughout the United States in a variety of mission critical applications, including utility applications, remotely turning on and off and rebooting devices, activating alarms, and controlling back up generation.

Nighthawk is a subsidiary of McWane Global the leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, valves, hydrants, and fittings, and its products make up the backbone of vital water distribution and wastewater treatment systems throughout North America, dependably providing the U.S. with clean drinking water. McWane is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, and recognized as an innovator in protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our company’s 6000 U.S. team members. The company operates 25 manufacturing plants including 13 iron foundries across the United States, Canada, Australia, and China.

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About McWane Inc.

McWane, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with companies across the United States and the world.  At the McWane Family of Companies, we cast ductile iron products--including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products--manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, steel pressure vessels, and build network switches and monitoring equipment.  We are the leader in delivering clean, safe drinking water around the world while focusing on the safe, environmentally-friendly manufacturing of our products.  With more than 6,000 team members McWane has a longstanding commitment of support to the communities where we live and work.