Nighthawk’s RDL960 available for use in the Landis+Gyr FOCUS® platform

May, 2014 – Irving, TX –   Nighthawk, a leading wireless smart grid solutions provider, announces the release of its RDL960 advanced communications and control technology.   The RDL960 offers an extension of its already released RDM940/RDM950 products and has been developed to be utilized in the Landis+Gyr FOCUS AX meter platform.   Nighthawk’s Cellular-Mesh technology allows utilities to take advantage of public communication infrastructure, offering advanced solutions for their most challenging problems.  The RDL960 will allow utilities to take advantage of Nighthawk’s versatile WebConnect software platform and RF solutions.

Utilities now have the ability to address challenging applications, such as remote Connect/Disconnect, Time of Use, Tamper and Outage notification, off cycle reads and more.  All of this can be done on a targeted basis and all with the click of a mouse.  By focusing on addressing key challenges such as outage management or meter turn off utilities can maximize the value of their investments.

The versatile Nighthawk solution can be deployed on a targeted basis or system wide.  With its advanced 2.4 GHz Mesh technology, utilities can manage their system with a limited number of cellular gateway points and this technology will also allow utilities to talk to demand response points and other Mesh devices.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer the RDL960 in the popular  FOCUS AX-SD meter.   We’ve developed a product that offers seamless integration with the FOCUS AX meter and furthers our goal to offer the broadest and most competitive range of solutions for utilities nationwide.” said Charles Kitowski, CEO of Nighthawk Solutions.

The Landis+Gyr Focus meter series represents state-of-the-art smart metering technology with its feature rich design and integral disconnect switch.  The FOCUS AX product line also offers demand, load profile, time-of-use and voltage measurement.

“The E350 FOCUS AX-SD is one of the most widely deployed advanced meters in North America, and we have made standards-based integration with communications devices a priority to ensure our industry-leading platform is an option for every utility,” said Pedro Ramirez, Landis+Gyr Product Manager for Residential Metering.

Nighthawks mesh-cellular radio solution RDL960 series meters can be strategically installed anywhere in a utility’s service territory, providing immediate advanced features without any infrastructure build out or maintenance. Nighthawk Mesh radio solution will allow utilities address either clusters of advanced meters or even a system wide deployment while lower the cost of both the hardware and communications.

About Nighthawk: For over two decades, Nighthawk has been designing and manufacturing easy to use “Plug and Play” wireless telemetry to remotely control virtually any electrical device, from any remote location.  Nighthawk is a leading provider of intelligent devices and systems that allow for the centralized, on-demand management of assets and processes.  Nighthawk products are used throughout the United States in a variety of mission critical applications, including utility applications, remotely turning on and off and rebooting devices, activating alarms, and controlling back up generation.

Nighthawk is a subsidiary of McWane Global the leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, valves, hydrants, and fittings, and its products make up the backbone of vital water distribution and wastewater treatment systems throughout North America, dependably providing the U.S. with clean drinking water. McWane is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, and recognized as an innovator in protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our company’s 6000 U.S. team members. The company operates 25 manufacturing plants including 13 iron foundries across the United States, Canada, Australia, and China.

About Landis+Gyr

Landis+Gyr is the leading global provider of integrated energy management products tailored to energy company needs and unique in its ability to deliver true end-to-end advanced metering solutions. Today, the Company offers the broadest portfolio of products and services in the electricity metering industry, and is paving the way for the next generation of the smart grid.  With annualized sales of more than US$1.6 billion, Landis+Gyr, an independent growth platform of the Toshiba Corporation (TKY:6502) and 40% owned by the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, operates in 30 countries across five continents, and employs 5,200 people with the sole mission of helping the world manage energy better. More information is available at

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About McWane Inc.

McWane, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with companies across the United States and the world.  At the McWane Family of Companies, we cast ductile iron products--including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products--manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, steel pressure vessels, and build network switches and monitoring equipment.  We are the leader in delivering clean, safe drinking water around the world while focusing on the safe, environmentally-friendly manufacturing of our products.  With more than 6,000 team members McWane has a longstanding commitment of support to the communities where we live and work.