Huntsville, AL, June 19, 2013- Synapse Wireless, known for providing wireless technology to control and monitor anything from anywhere, is strengthening its partnership with Shoals Technologies Group to design and develop an ARC Fault Detector solution, which will be integrated into Shoals wireless Smart Combiner boxes.

NEC 690.11 states that PV systems with dc source circuits, dc output circuits, or both on or penetrating a building operating at a PV system maximum voltage of 80 volts or greater, must be protected by a listed (dc) arc-fault circuit interrupter, PV type, or other system components offering equal protection. These systems shall detect and interrupt arcing faults, disable or disconnect the inverters or charge components connected to the fault circuit or the system components within the arcing circuit.

The groundbreaking development aims to reduce the fires, burns, and other damages associated with faulty power system operations — all by advances in wireless technology. “This is an exemplary way of harnessing the powerful potential of cloud enabled software,” said Jason Whitaker, CTO, Shoals Technologies Group. “The ongoing collaboration between our companies is expected to result in reducing the amount of unwanted deaths, injuries, and billions of dollars of costs directly stemming from a lack of being able to properly and proactively detect arc faults.”

Every Millisecond Matters

Most people don’t think of the importance of milliseconds, but they play a critical role when it comes to preventing the hazards of arc faults. Those lasting 500 milliseconds often result in severe damage to the installed unit, but research indicates that if the arc is extinguished in 4 milliseconds, the damage is virtually non-existent.

This system prevents the preventable, making those milliseconds irrelevant. It detects and interrupts arc faults resulting from a failure in the connection, conductor, module, or other system component in the dc PV source and output circuits. It also disables or disconnects the system component within the arcing circuit. The system will be designed for scalability to accommodate 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, and 32 string solutions.

The system will debut in the Shoals booth at Intersolar Europe in Munich, July 19-22, in Hall A4, Booth A4.49 0, with the release of the ARC Fault Board for certification scheduled later this summer.

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