Wireless Lighting Control Application Provides Customizable, Mobile Lighting Management and Energy Savings Data

Las Vegas, June 1, 2014Synapse Wireless, a recognized leader
in the development and implementation of wireless products and
solutionsthat empower the Internet of Things (IoT), today introduced
simplySNAP, an innovative wireless controller that simplifies the
installation and maintenance of lighting systems and enables
on-the-go lighting control.

The new simplySNAP solution, which is accessible via a user-friendly and
customizable mobile application, is able to detect motion, the occupancy
or vacancy of a room, building or place, and current daylight conditions,
and will respond accordingly to changes in the environment based on a
set of rules predefined by the user. For example, a user can specify that
lights in a parking lot remain at 50 percent brightness during low-traffic
pre-dawn hours until motion is detected, in which case the lights in the
relevant zone will turn-on to fuller brightness. simplySNAP provides
anytime, anywhere lighting system management.

Lighting Control Solution and More
Built on its award-winning SNAP® wireless mesh network operating system
technology – Synapse Wireless’s simplySNAP goes beyond controlling lights
and lighting systems. The same Synapse nodes and SNAP® software that
manage responses to environmental changes capture performance data
that is accessible anywhere via internet cloud-based storage. This data helps
demonstrate the energy savings and return on investment realized by smart
lighting solutions.

To maximize usability, simplySNAP supports the widest range of lights
and dimming standards. simplySNAP also integrates with Synapse’s new
SnappyBlue light commissioning tool, which simplifies project implementation
by walking lighting system installers through each step of the commissioning
process – which is the process of activating a lighting system.

The flexibility and usability of this new simplySNAP solution makes it an
ideal choice for both new and retrofit projects.

simplySNAP launches at LIGHTFAIR International
“Synapse technology is changing the lighting industry,” said Kathryn Caspar,
General Manager, Lighting, Synapse Wireless. “Our solutions offer a new level
of flexibility, performance management, and mobile control. We’ve improved
safety in parking lots, increased energy efficiency in warehouses, and even
enhanced quality of life in communities by enabling a more sophisticated
command of lighting systems. We look forward to sharing simplySNAP and
our full suite of lighting solutions at LIGHTFAIR.”

Synapse Wireless will be exhibiting at booth #8403 at LIGHTFAIR International,
June 1-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About Synapse Wireless, Inc.
Synapse Wireless, Inc. delivers proven, scalable M2M connectivity solutions
designed to revolutionize business. Built on its award-winning SNAP® wireless
mesh network operating system, Synapse brings game-changing analytics
that matter. Synapse Wireless solutions are deployed on enterprise-class
platforms, distributing intelligence to the edge of its customers’ networks.
Synapse is a subsidiaryof McWane, Inc.

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About Synapse Wireless

Synapse is a Huntsville, AL based Internet of Things (IoT) company specializing in providing software, hardware, and networking solutions to develop, deploy, and manage the "Things" in IoT. Synapse enables corporations, product companies, and business partners to make their products smarter and to manage products wirelessly. By connecting the physical world of "Things" to the digital world of IoT, their customers can monitor, control, optimize, and manage their products in ways and places never before possible by leveraging their embedded Network Application Platform called SNAP.  Synapse was founded in 2008 and is a subsidiary of McWane, Inc., one of America's largest privately owned companies (www.mcwane.com).

About McWane Inc.

McWane, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with companies across the United States and the world.  At the McWane Family of Companies, we cast ductile iron products--including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products--manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, steel pressure vessels, and build network switches and monitoring equipment.  We are the leader in delivering clean, safe drinking water around the world while focusing on the safe, environmentally-friendly manufacturing of our products.  With more than 6,000 team members McWane has a longstanding commitment of support to the communities where we live and work.