Global In-Building Wireless Provider Meets International Standard for Environmentally-Sound Business Practices

Dallas, TX – January 10, 2017 – Zinwave, a global provider of wideband distributed network solutions for delivery of public safety, cellular, IoT, and other wireless services, today announced that it has achieved ISO 14001 certification. This ensures that Zinwave meets or exceeds international standards for environmentally-sound manufacturing and business processes. Zinwave has been ISO 9001 compliant for more than a year, signifying the company’s commitment to the highest quality manufacturing standards. Achieving compliance with ISO 14001 similarly underscores Zinwave’s commitment to stringent environmental standards.

ISO 14001 assures that Zinwave will:

  • Properly recycle and dispose of office waste and lab-related material
  • Monitor and evaluate Zinwave’s impact on the environment (air pollution, water, waste management, etc.)
  • Source and allocate environmentally friendly resources
  • Empower and engage employees to conduct business in an environmentally sound way

"ISO 14001 environmental certification affirms Zinwave’s focus on corporate environmental responsibility and will allow our staff to measure and improve our environmental impact at our locations around the world,” said James Martin, vice president of operations at Zinwave. “We are already seeing a positive impact to our recycling efforts and we look forward to further reducing the impact to our local environment at sites around the globe."

About Zinwave

Zinwave’s UNItivity platform is the only truly future-proof, universal wireless access solution on the market. UNItivity’s unique wideband architecture breaks the cycle of endless DAS upgrades because it supports any frequency from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz, accommodating current and future wireless services without hardware upgrades. In addition, UNItivity’s streamlined, all-fiber architecture makes it more reliable and much easier to install than traditional DAS solutions. Zinwave has a global customer base and is a subsidiary of McWane Inc. (, a privately held US manufacturing company and owners of a global group of wireless technology companies. For more information about Zinwave, please visit

About McWane Inc.

McWane, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with companies across the United States and the world.  At the McWane Family of Companies, we cast ductile iron products--including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products--manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, steel pressure vessels, and build network switches and monitoring equipment.  We are the leader in delivering clean, safe drinking water around the world while focusing on the safe, environmentally-friendly manufacturing of our products.  With more than 6,000 team members McWane has a longstanding commitment of support to the communities where we live and work.