Our Principles and Values

Our company has a proud heritage of hardworking people, who for more than 100 years, have manufactured high-quality products for use across our nation and around the world.

The glory of business is not to make money out of it alone, but to make progress in it, to develop men and methods and products to improve the ‘state of the art.'

J. R. McWane
Our Principles and Values

The McWane Way Compass

The McWane Way Compass, which encompasses eight guiding principles, is provided as a personal guide to help team members navigate through situations they encounter at work. As part of the renewed focus on The McWane Way, all team members are expected to know these principles, as well as the corresponding values and behaviors. 

The McWane Way

The McWane Way ensures higher levels of safety and environmental performance in all operations. It also improves communication, relationships and work performance across all levels of the organization. The McWane Way includes eight core principles to guide our team members:

  • Safety

    Every human life is valuable, and we are committed to protecting the life and health of every team member. We expect our team members to work safely. We do not accept unsafe behavior. At McWane, we do it safely or not at all.

  • Environment

    We are stewards of the environment. Our responsibility goes beyond producing products of superior quality and earning profits. We are strongly committed to protecting our planet. When we protect our planet, we protect our team members and the common good of our communities. The McWane Way protects the environment for generations. We are good corporate citizens. We are good neighbors in the communities where we live and work.

  • Accountability

    We are responsible people doing responsible work. Accountability builds self-respect, creates pride of association, and is essential to achieve high levels of safe and efficient productivity. We expect team members to own their decisions and outcomes while we exercise fairness in evaluating results.

  • Excellence

    We have high standards. We are proud to be industry leaders, and we work hard to keep it that way. We expect valuable contributions from all our team members through their workmanship and the sharing of ideas. We are proud of our products. We are proud of our processes. We are proud of our people and their commitment to excellence. We know excellence is a journey, not a destination. Continuous improvement is The McWane Way.

  • Trust

    Trust keeps business and personal relationships functioning at their highest levels. When we trust each other, we build stronger relationships and create the “Speed of Trust.” With trust, everything we want to achieve together is easier and takes less time. This contributes to the sustainability of our business by reducing costs and increasing team morale.

  • Teamwork

    We are a team. We are at our best when every team member contributes their knowledge, skill, and experience. Dignity and respect is the non-negotiable baseline for all teams at all times. The McWane Way reflects our history, our work, and our pride of association. No individual can consistently outperform a team. We work together. We win together.

  • Communication

    Our business depends on the candid exchange of clear information. What we communicate matters. Getting the right information … to the right people … at the right time is an essential element of our success. How we communicate matters. We are open, honest and direct. At the same time, we are constructive, and respectful. Fast and effective communication helps us do our jobs better and helps keep our company competitive.

  • Leadership

    At McWane, we value and encourage courageous leadership. Regardless of our positions or jobs, we all have opportunities to lead. When we lead ourselves well, we have the potential to influence others in positive ways.

"We are about doing the right thing. This is exemplified in the McWane Way, that will take our company to the highest level of corporate responsibility. We must work hard to ensure that these principles remain ingrained in our culture, so that they define our management, operations, products, customer service, and our personal relationships. My great grandfather wrote these words almost 100 years ago. It’s the foundation upon which this company was built. It’s part of The McWane Way, a core philosophy first outlined by him in 1920 encompassing integrity, competence, respect, and fairness."

Phillip McWane