Manchester Tank
1000 Corporate Centre Drive, Suite 300
Franklin, TN 37067
Phone 615-370-3833 Founded 1945 Acquired 1999

Through three U.S. and one Australian facility, Manchester Tank offers a full line of pressure vessels, from D.O.T. propane cylinders and ASME tanks to hand-held torches, all provided in a wide range of sizes and shapes and all conforming to strict code requirements and safety standards.


  • Chemical & Industrial Vessels
  • Domestic Propane Tanks
  • DOT Propane Cylinders
  • Fire Suppressant
  • Forklift & Buffer Cylinders
  • Hand Held Propane Torches
  • HVAC/Refrigeration
  • Industrial Welding Cylinders
  • Marine Cylinders
  • Mower Cylinders
  • Refillable Refrigerant Cylinders
  • RV Propane Containers & Accessories
  • Standard Air Receivers
  • Standard Energy Vessels
  • Vertical Propane Dispenser Tanks

Manchester Tank and Equipment Company provides means for transporting and deploying propane and pressurized gas and fire-suppression chemicals. The Manchester Tank facilities produce a complete line of low-pressure vessels for propane, air, refrigerant, and industrial applications.

Propane tanks are manufactured for home and industrial applications, including custom designs. The company also supplies welding cylinders, tanks for reclaiming refrigerants, and pressurized chemical storage and transportation tanks. Manchester also manufactures accessories such as hand torches, tank feet, and HVAC bladder tanks.

Formed in 1945 in Los Angeles, Cal., Manchester Tank has grown into a premiere manufacturer of pressure vessels for the containment of propane, compressed air and chemicals. Though we’re currently based in Franklin, Tenn., we’re proud to serve customers around the world in places like the U.S., Canada, Australia and Chile. Our broad product line includes DOT-approved steel and aluminum cylinders ranging from five to 420 pounds in size. We also manufacture steel tanks, which are approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to safely hold anywhere from one to 30,000 gallons.

From our humble beginnings of seven employees and one product line, Manchester Tank has grown into an international company of over 800 employees and manufactures a broad line in virtually every one of the low-pressure tank families. In addition to our multiple manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, we also have distribution points placed across the country. These ensure convenience and timely delivery for all of our valued customers. Combine that with our manufacturing plant in Australia and it is obvious that Manchester Tank is one of the largest and most comprehensive manufacturers in the industry.

Since our inception, we’ve been serving customers in a variety of fields: recreational vehicles, HVAC assembly, retail mass merchandisers, the U.S. government and propane equipment among many others. As a result, our product line is as diverse as our clientele. Manchester Tank manufactures everything from DOT tanks and cylinders to hand-held torches and motor fuel tanks. We make all of these with an uncompromising eye for quality and a commitment to perfection. Add on the fact that we’re environmentally responsible and it’s easy to see why customers all over the world choose Manchester.