McWane announces Environmental, Health and Safety Award Honorees

Each year, McWane recognizes facilities that achieve and maintain the highest safety and environmental excellence standards. Congratulations to these honorees for their exemplary performance in 2023!

EHS Excellence (Screaming Eagle):
M&H Valve is the winner of this highly coveted award for the second year! As a leader in integrating The McWane Way into their everyday business, the M&H Valve team consistently prevents injuries, yielding industry-leading low injury rates. The entire M&H Valve team has worked diligently to achieve EHS Excellence by empowering ownership of each team member to prioritize actions with meaningful impact. The team has also worked to improve community relations by developing and enhancing relationships with the State authorities. An outstanding example of their teamwork is the 2023 Ergo Cup project (De-Gate Manipulator), which received the best overall risk reduction award in the internal McWane competition. They also emphasized the importance of Environmental culture by developing the internal M&H Valve Pollution Prevention Challenge, where the winners advance to the McWane - Keep It Clean Challenge.

Outstanding Health & Safety (HS) Performance-Foundry:
Clow Valve Foundry is the recipient of the Outstanding Health and Safety Performance award in the foundry category. Team member engagement, empowerment and ownership are the keys to their proactive safety performance, which has been instrumental in the facility maintaining its OSHA VPP Star designation. The focus on safety shines in their annual participation in the McWane Ergo Cup. For the past three years, third-party judges have also selected Clow Valve to represent McWane at the National Ergo Cup® This year, the team will compete with their Slag Cart Dumper, which solved several ergonomic risks, including neck, lower back and upper and lower extremity injuries, and reduced safety hazards. 

Outstanding Health & Safety (HS) Performance-Fabrication:
McWane India Sri City is the recipient of the Outstanding Health and Safety Performance award in the metal fabrication category. Sri City is a leader in risk reduction and injury prevention. The team at Sri City works hard at identifying and mitigating risks through projects using an accepted hierarchy of controls. Sri City team members have diligently implemented projects while developing effective safety procedures. 

Exemplary Health & Safety Progress:
MPI Calera has made significant strides in health and safety performance by focusing attention to risk reduction and injury prevention. The focus has increased overall ownership of safety compliance, resulting in fewer hazards at the location. 

McWane Ductile 
– Ohio (MDO) was recognized by OSHA for managing indoor heat hazards. MDO submitted a multi-channel communication campaign to increase awareness among their workforce about the risks of hazardous heat and to encourage protective measures when their workers are exposed to heat. Their tools include a direct mailer, a video, a blog, social media posts, heat awareness slides for digital screens around the facilities and heat awareness posts for their employee communications app.

 was runner-up in the internal McWane Ergo Cup competition and was also accepted to the National Ergo Cup® competition for their Whellabrator Hooks project. The project reduced ergonomic risks by installing a set of hooks to allow for better posture while drilling holes in podotactile plates. The external Ergo Cup judges were so impressed with the solution that they recommended Bibby-Ste-Croix to enter the national competition.

Top Quartile Club: Awarded to facilities with previous year-end Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) within the 1st Quartile of Industry Averages as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
M&H Valve, Clow Valve Foundry, Clow Valve Machine Shop, McWane India Sri City, Manchester Tank Echuca, McWane Ductile New Jersey, McWane Ductile Utah, McWane Private Limited India, MPI Houston, MPI Madison Heights, Tyler Union Anniston, Tyler Union Oxford 

Environmental Awards 

Exemplary Environmental Achievement:
McWane India Sri City has shown proven leadership in environmental excellence with well-organized compliance documents and data that support management commitment at a high level. The management team is committed to environmental improvement, focusing on data-driven improvements. The management team provides consistent oversight and employee development focused on the requirements of the McWane environmental management system.

Outstanding Environmental Performance (Fabricator) 
Clow Canada maintains superior environmental performance. By developing and implementing The McWane Way strategies, Clow Canada's ISO 14000 certification audit revealed no major nonconformances. They continue to improve their environmental culture by involving all team members and challenging them to enhance their environmental performance personally and collectively. 

Outstanding Environmental Performance (Foundry)
McWane Ductile – Ohio was chosen for Outstanding Environmental Performance due to its continued involvement in the community, participation in state environmental programs, and implementation of EHS Insight to its inspection programs. The MDO team has a robust environmental inspection program utilizing EHS Insight for nearly all their inspections and forms, allowing for tracking and improved sharing of best practices. Most notably, a smaller partnership with the local elementary school to promote Arbor Day quickly expanded to a collaboration with the city to develop the McWane River Walk, a multi-use path to enjoy the area's natural beauty. McWane Ductile Ohio was also recognized by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency with a Silver Encouraging Environmental Excellence Award. The award acknowledges the facility's implementation of energy efficiency upgrades, including purchasing regenerative burners, installing LED lighting, and using variable efficiency drives. The team also earned a finalist position in the McWane "Keep it Clean" challenge with a different scrap handling project.