McWane Ductile Ohio – among the McWane, Inc. family of companies – today announced a total investment of $45 million in its Coshocton County plant. The investment from McWane has more than doubled since the initial $21.5M collaboration was finalized with JobsOhio, the Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Southeast Economic Development (OhioSE) and the Coshocton County Port Authority, including support by a tax credit from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. The plant expansion and supplemental job creation are aimed at creating 50 new jobs and retaining more than 500 jobs, while a strategic partnership between JobsOhio and OhioSE will bolster McWane Ductile Ohio’s talent retention and recruitment strategies.

“McWane is an industry leader in waterworks production and supply, and we welcome its continued success in Ohio,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO. “The company’s expansion of its Coshocton facility will add 50 new jobs and demonstrates the value of Ohio talent for manufacturers looking to grow their business in North America.”

McWane, Inc.’s ductile iron pipe facilities make products that bring safe, clean water to homes and businesses. Corrosion-resistant for longevity in water and sewage systems, and machinable for ease-in-field modifications, ductile iron pipe surpasses its competitors in terms of durability, strength and ductility and is lighter and more cost-effective than cast iron. Ductile iron maintains a maximum margin of safety against service failures and provides a durable and reliable solution for utility systems.

According to McWane Ductile Ohio General Manager, Tom Crawford, “The opportunities afforded by this partnership cannot be overstated, and we are proud to work with JobsOhio, Ohio Southeast Economic Development and the Coshocton Port Authority to take this important step toward our state’s shared vision for long-term economic resilience. By tying capital investments to job growth, these incentives provide a win-win, strengthening Ohio’s market competitiveness while securing our Coshocton workforce to sustain their families and our local economy.”

This investment includes provisions for renovating and expanding the facility, infrastructure improvements and the addition of a new annealing line. The JobsOhio Talent Acquisition Services (TAS) program will assist the company with talent recruitment efforts and help build a pipeline of electrical and industrial maintenance talent to help support McWane’s needs with the expanded operations.

“The TAS program is designed for growing companies like McWane and provides various professional services over a 12- to 24-month time period,” said OhioSE President, Mike Jacoby. “This is not a loan or a grant but an investment on the company’s behalf by the JobsOhio Talent Team Members and JobsOhio partners with customized solutions to assist in attracting and retaining quality employees. These are unique times, and finding and training talent is the biggest need among companies across the country. McWane is a longstanding and valuable contributor to Southeast Ohio’s economy, and we are happy to provide these specialized professional services.”

“For generations, McWane Ductile has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of water distribution and infrastructure products,” said Tiffany Swigert, executive director of the Coshocton County Port Authority. “We are thrilled that they are leading Coshocton in this tremendous investment and commitment to their customers and employees. We are so grateful that McWane Ductile continues to choose Coshocton and our community!”

About McWane Inc.

McWane, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with companies across the U.S. and around the world. The McWane family of companies casts ductile iron products, including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings and plumbing products, and manufactures fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and steel pressure vessels. McWane is a leader in delivering clean, safe drinking water while focusing on safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. With more than 7,000 team members, McWane has a longstanding commitment of supporting the communities where our team members live and work. For more information, visit